The Mating Game


The Mating Game

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BITTER:SWEET’s intoxicating and playful debut artist album, THE MATING GAME, is a beautiful, 11-track work from Shana Halligan and Kiran Shahani (former Supreme Beings of Leisure). From sassy to exotic to dreamy, Bitter:Sweet lies somewhere between Zero 7 and Portishead, between Imogean Heap and Serge Gainsbourg. Shana’s melodically sweet-and-sexy vocals paired with Kiran’s experimental pop beats and masterful programming make for an album that will stand the test of time.


1. Don’t Forget to Breathe (3:14)

2. The Mating Game (3:24)

3. Overdue (3:34)

4. Heaven (3:48)

5. Bittersweet Faith (4:19)

6. Moving Forward (3:36)

7. Moody (2:39)

8. Dirty Laundry (3:20)

9. Our Remains (3:34)

10. Salty Air (3:02)

11. Take 2 BLUE (2:40)