Baroque trip-hop duo Bitter:Sweet formed in Los Angeles featuring vocalist Shana Halligan and producer Kiran Shahani (the latter of whom is also a founding member of Supreme Beings of Leisure). The two had lived just one block away from each other and had even recorded in the same studio before meeting via an online ad. Bitter:Sweet released its debut, The Mating Game, on Quango in April 2006. Drama followed in mid-2008, featuring a track titled "The Bomb" that was used as the theme for the television series Lipstick Jungle.

The meticulous production, impeccable songwriting, and sensual vocals are present as ever on an album that polishes the signature style introduced by The Mating Game.


Backed with full string ensembles and horn sections Drama embraces a more organic sound that moves Bitter:Sweet confidently into the pop realm. Equal parts flirtatious numbers, and achingly beautiful songs; Drama is playful, moving, and sure to become a classic.

Trilogy is perhaps the best of Bitter:Sweet. Compiled and sequenced by Quango's Bruno Guez, this new album celebrates the songs and the sound pioneered by Shana & Kiran.